OpenAI and tips to improve ChatGPT responses

OpenAI ‘s artificial intelligence can offer you well-structured answers with specific information if you are much more specific when asking. Follow these tips and see the differences.

ChatGPT is the most popular artificial intelligence of the moment. The system of the OpenAI company leads in massiveness in the field and more and more people are interested in being able to take advantage of its use.

AI is free, although there is also a paid version with updated features . And OpenAI , within the support it provides, also provides recommendations so that the answers and content obtained are increasingly precise and specific, without falling into misinformation.

How to improve our experience in ChatGPT?

ChatGPT works thanks to a Long Language Model (LLM) called GPT. In the paid version you get to use version 4 , while in the free version it is 3.5.

The answers provided by artificial intelligence can be improved if the user can be more specific in his request to the AI . Practice with these steps.

First, ask for references . Many times artificial intelligence provides false data that can be affirmed as true. Because the user does not check the source of the text, it can lead to a huge snowball of misinformation.

Therefore, you can ask for a quote or a reference to the answer that ChatGPT gives you by asking for it: when asking, add “can you add the reference of your answer?” and you will see how it offers you a hyperlink to the source.

Another important help is to give ChatGPT more reasoning time . This option is rarely used because most people don’t want to wait any longer for responses. But if you want a much more elaborate answer to the general ones, you can ask for “a chain of reasoning before an answer”, which will make the artificial intelligence take more seconds to answer, but also improve its results.

Another detail that you must take into account is to return a specific question. For example, if you want to do an assignment on the history of Peru, it is better to ask for a summary of certain stages or specific years than a general summary of our entire country. OpenAI itself points out that complex tasks, as in the second case, tend to have higher error rates than the simpler ones.

Third Party Tools

There are details that have been improved over time.

For example, AI models do not have personal feelings or emotions. However, you can liven things up simply by asking ChatGPT to use the correct emoji in your responses.

You can get answers also with personality. For example, you can ask artificial intelligence to answer you as if it were a politician, a teacher, an engineer, or as if it were Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. But you can also apply other indications such as “explain as if it were five years old”, “explain with related examples” or “explain a subject in terms of another such as soccer”.

OpenAI will also allow you to work with external tools that can complement the work of ChatGPT . You can even ask him to review his answers, but modifying his characteristics of the paragraphs he delivers.