OpenAI wants to pay you if ChatGPT uses your information for its training

OpenAI wants to be responsible with copyright and will seek to remunerate the owners of the information with which it trains its artificial intelligence.


OpenAI is working on new artificial intelligence (AI) modelsthat, if copyrighted content is used for training, can remunerate copyright holders.

The executive director of OpenAI , Sam Altman, has recently participated in a conference on AI that has been hosted by the White House (United States) , whose purpose was to obtain the commitment of the large companies behind this technology that they would ensure that it is safe against to make it available to the public.

In this meeting, Altman assured that he defended copyright systems , which ensure that authors charge for the value they create. He has also made the case for it in the context of generative AIs.

monetary reward

In this sense, and as stated in Axios, the manager has anticipated that they are trying to develop new models “in which if an AI system is using your content, or if it is using your style, they pay you for it.”

The large language models that power generative AI tools use large amounts of content, much of it protected by copyright , for their training, which allows them to learn how to generate new content, be it images, videos, text or music. .

However, this use of said content for training does not always have the authorization of those who hold the rights, as denounced, for example, by Universal Music Group.

The record label has already urged streaming music platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify to block the training of AI models, because this would be violating the copyright of the songs they use.

Likewise, last January a group of artists sued three companies dedicated to digital art -Stability AI, DeviantArt and Midjourney- for infringing copyrights in the development of artistic works created by AI with the Stable Diffusion tool.