Opera launches a browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Opera is introducing its new Web3 initiative called the Crypto Browser Project, which includes a crypto wallet .


Opera introduces its Web3 “Crypto Browser” in beta which includes features such as a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, easy access to non-fungible token swaps , support for decentralized applications, and more.

The goal of this new browser is to “simplify the often bewildering Web3 user experience for mainstream users ,” Jorgen Arnensen, executive vice president of Opera, said in a statement . 

One of its main attractions of this new browser from Opera is its native non-custodial crypto wallet that allows people to access their digital currencies without having to use an extension.

Opera Web3

The other important feature that this new crypto browser has is Web3 support , also known as a blockchain-based decentralized internet. 

This feature allows users to access platforms like GameFi  “where you can earn as you play through all sorts of metaverses”, as well as providing additional security through blockchain encryption .

You can download Opera’s beta crypto browser for Android , Windows , and Mac , with an iOS version coming soon.