Jack Quaid is yet another new addition to the cast of Oppenheimer , Christopher Nolan ‘s next filmcentered on the inventor of the atomic bomb J.


Robert Oppenheimer, who will be played by Cillian Murphy . Quaid, known for The Boys , also recently appeared in Scream , the fifth chapter of the horror saga that will also return with a sixth film in the near future .

A very rich cast

Oppenheimer ‘s cast is already very rich: in addition to Cillian Murphy in the main role, that of the well-known theoretical physicist whose work on the Manhattan Project led to the invention of the atomic bomb, we will see Emily Blunt (wife Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer). Matt Damon (Lieutenant General Leslie Groves, director of the Manhattan Project). Robert Downey Jr. (Lewis Strauss, chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission). Florence Pugh (Jean Tatlock, Communist Party member and Oppenheimer’s lover). Rami Malek (a scientist). Benny Safdie(Edward Teller, the Hungarian-American physicist who is known as the father of the hydrogen bomb and was also a member of the Manhattan Project). Josh Hartnett and Dane DeHaan .

Nolan will produce the film with Emma Thomas and Charles Roven , under his Atlas Entertainment. The film will be shot in New Mexico and will be based on the book Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer written by Kai Bird and  Pulitzer Prize-winning Martin J. Sherwin .

The release date

Oppenheimer will be released in US theaters on July 21, 2023 , a slot used in the past to distribute Nolan ‘s films . The film will debut almost two weeks before the anniversary of the atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima. The film marked the divorce between Nolan and Warner Bros. and will instead be distributed by Universal Pictures .