Oppo, Vivo and Honor slow Xiaomi’s growth

Cell phone sales grew, but below expectations. The answer is mainly in China.

Xiaomi announced a third quarter with 8.2% growth in sales, a number below expectations.

Reuters indicates that this is mainly due to a little growth in the sale of cell phones, just 0.4%.

The publication notes that this is mainly due to the intense competition it experiences in China . Oppo and Vivo represent dominating the market and Honor recently displaced Xiaomi from third place , according to Canalys estimates .

Xiaomi has chosen to expand its presence with physical stores, reaching 10,000 stores in China last month.

The good news

Lu Weibing, head of Redmi , enthusiastically looked at the company’s results, highlighting that 52.4% of Xiaomi’s revenue comes outside of China .