There has been a lot of talk in the last few hours about the fact that Rachel Zegler , the protagonist of West Side Story , had not been invited to the next Oscar Night.


This is despite the fact that the film is nominated for seven awards.

Well, it seems that after the controversy broke out on social networks, the Academy has tried to remedy. As reported exclusively by the Hollywood Reporter

Rachel Zegler would have been offered the opportunity not only to participate in the evening, but also to deliver an award.

The actress is currently busy filming the Disney film Snow White and it appears that efforts are being made to rearrange the filming schedule to allow her to attend the ceremony. As always we will keep you updated.

Follow the Oscar Night with ScreenWEEK

Also this year we will follow the Live event and you will be able to experience the Oscar Night with us! On Sunday 27 March at 11:45 pm the live broadcast will start on our Twitch channel , HERE you will find more information.

As we know, the Academy recently announced that not all prizes will be awarded at the event, a decision that has sparked much controversy , a protest that has received the support of many big names in Hollywood . The winners will be announced on the Academy’s social networks before the official start of the ceremony, while during the evening the videos of the awards will be shown (it is not yet clear if they will be cut).

The next Oscar Night, scheduled for March 27, 2022, will be animated by three presenters, specifically Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes . As we know, the evening will be divided into three acts lasting one hour each, each segment will be entrusted to a presenter. In Italy it will be broadcast live on Sky and streaming on NOW .

Back to the Dolby Theater

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts has announced that after Los Angeles Union Station, which hosted the ceremony last year (due to Covid, of course), it will return to the classic Dolby Theater . This year the audience’s favorite film will also be introduced, HERE you will find the 10 finalists.

HERE you will find all the nominations