Passkeys: Apple presents a system to stop using passwords

Apple is part of the FIDO Alliance with Google and Microsoft , who will implement systems to log in faster and get rid of passwords .


Apple is entering the passwordless era with the introduction of Passkeys at its WWDC 2022 keynote . Apple , Google , and Microsoft have all joined the FIDO Alliance to ensure that users can log into accounts without using passwords.

With Passkeys in the web browser Safari gives us a preview of how the company wants to make passwordless logins a reality.

Apple wants people to switch to access keys that it claims are free from hacking and can’t be leaked either. The company is storing Passkeys locally on the device, which is secured with end-to-end encryption.

What is Apple Passkeys?

Passwords are usually alphanumeric with special characters included, but with Passkeys , no one knows the combination, making it difficult for intruders to crack your digital accounts. 

To increase security even further, Apple is integrating Passkeys with Face ID or Touch ID . The company does not store passwords in the cloud, which makes it more secure than other apps, in case of a potential data breach.

Apple is bringing Passkeys to the iOS and macOS ecosystems , using it means you can log in via web browser using your iPhone and get rid of passwords forever.

In addition to Apple, Google and Microsoft have also started working on their respective passwordless mechanisms. Google shared the update at I/O 2022 last month, and we expect the feature to roll out to users sometime next year.