PC Windows 11 now natively runs Android apps (for US users)

Microsoft ‘s operating system fulfills one of its main promises, but not for everyone.


Windows 11 presents its latest update with support for Android apps in the Microsoft Store as its biggest draw.

The Microsoft Store relies on the Amazon AppStore (Amazon account required) for support, which is bad news for users outside of the United States . For now, the support is exclusive in this country.

Android support on Windows has been one of the biggest promises of Microsoft ‘s OS update . We hope that support will be extended to other countries soon.

The toolbar changes

Zoom video calls are already part of everyday life and Microsoft has implemented an icon to mute or activate the microphone in the Toolbar.

For users with corporate accounts with Microsoft 365 , there is the ability to easily share windows in Teams .

Microsoft has also updated the weather widget to appear on the left side of the Toolbar.

Among other details, Windows 11 now also gives the possibility to show the time and date in the Toolbar of a second monitor.

Windows presents new versions of two classics

The Windows 11 update includes a revamped version of the classic Windows Media Player .

With an updated design and accessibility options, it will replace Groove Music , with the possibility of inheriting music playlists from this app.

Notepad also has a new version with support for Dark Mode as one of its main changes along with emojis and a “find and replace” option.

New editions of these apps can be updated in the Microsoft Store .