Pixel Fold: new details of Google’s first folding smartphone are revealed

An insider would have leaked the design of the Pixel Fold , Google ‘s first folding cell phone , and even mentioned that it would arrive in May 2023.


The Pixel Fold , Google ‘s first foldable cell phone , would finally be a reality and its arrival in the mobile phone market would be sooner than expected. An industry insider known as Jon Prosser leaked what the design of this device would be, as well as its main technical specifications.

Prosser ‘s track record when it comes to revealing Google ‘s tech gear is pretty decent, having hit the mark with the Pixel Watch and redesigning the company’s line of smartphones since the Pixel 6 . The report mentions that the Pixel Fold will be very similar to Samsung ‘s Galaxy Z Fold , despite the fact that shared renders show it to look more like Microsoft ‘s Surface Duo .

Google will enter the folding market

From what is shown in the images, the Pixel Fold will have metal and glass casings and will have two colors: black and white. In addition, like any other foldable on the market today, it will include a screen on the outside along with a 9.5 MP selfie camera. When you open it, your screen will extend and you will have another camera of the same measurements inside.

The dimensions of these panels are still unknown, although the renders reveal quite bulky edges on the interior screen of the Pixel Fold , something that could reflect the long time in which it was in development, as happened with the Pixel Watch . Another notable difference is that the internal camera would not be hidden under the screen but near its upper right corner.

In the back, the main camera is located and, for now, its specifications remain a mystery despite the fact that it stands out for its bar-shaped design, as happened with the aforementioned Surface Duo 2 , although in that case it was located vertically and not horizontally like in google mobile .

Google’s Pixel Fold is imminent

Jon Prosser also noted in his report that Google ‘s Pixel Fold would launch in May 2023 and would cost no less than $1,799. Since all its specifications are not yet officially known, it is difficult to determine if this price is well balanced.

With this device rumored since 2019, Google would enter the foldable smartphone market alongside other strong competitors such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor, Huawei and, of course, Samsung , which currently dominates this market thanks to the great acceptance of Galaxy Z Fold . and Galaxy Z Flip.