Plan 9 from Outer Space , Ed Wood ‘s cultfilm often considered the worst film in the history of cinema.


(we also talked about it in The Phone Call ), will soon become an opera. To write the music, and to have launched the idea, the Thai composerSomtow Sucharitkul.

B-movie fanatic and Ed Wood lover, Sucharitkul said:

Plan 9 is, of course, celebrated as the worst film ever made and a cultural icon. Movie buffs have memorized all the jokes. I intend to compose the music in the spirit of Ed Wood – with total seriousness and high moral intent, as befits the sublime theme of aliens saving humanity from itself, so relevant these days.

The libretto of Plan 9 From Outer Space: A Really Grand Opera is currently being written , and rehearsals will begin next year. Sucharitkul plans to release a suite of the work as a teaser this fall. The debut is currently scheduled for 2024. Torsten Neumann , director of the Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany’s leading indie film festival, will produce. Neumann said:

We certainly do not intend to produce the “worst work” in history. On the contrary, the true spirit of Plan 9 arises from the total sincerity of Ed Wood’s vision and from the fact that neither ineptitude, nor lack of money, nor even setbacks such as the disappearance of the star [Bela Lugosi] before filming began managed to dampen his optimism and faith. In a sense it is a metaphor for all filmmakers and their multifaceted visions.