Plans for Twitter: Elon Musk plans to make changes to the workforce and quintuple income by 2028

Elon Musk plans to hire 3,600 employees, cut some, quintuple revenue by 2028, and grow Twitter ‘s user base to more than 931 million.


According to reports, Elon Musk  wants to hire thousands of new employees at Twitter while laying off some workers, create a secret new product known under the code name “X” and quadruple the size of the networking platform’s user base. social .

The billionaire mogul told investors he could dramatically boost the company’s revenue while making it less reliant on ad revenue, according to a report by The New York Times .

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has previously said he had secured $46.5 billion in financing before making his formal offer. It later emerged that he had gotten another $7.1 billion , including from a Saudi prin

Plans for Twitter

Musk plans to increase average revenue per user by $5.39 to $30.22 by 2028, according to the report. The increase in revenue per user would lead to the company’s overall revenue quintupling to $26.4 billion.

He also indicated that he wants to hire 3,600 new employees by 2025 and lay off a few hundred. Musk expects worker numbers to rise and fall over the next year, according to the report. 

Additionally, sources told CNBC that Musk is expected to take over as interim CEO after the deal closes, which is pending regulatory approval.