Pokémon Go creators launch their video game social network

In the style of Pokémon Go : the social network will seek for people to interact in group activities.


Niantic , the studio behind Pokémon Go , is looking to elevate the social experience of its video games with the new Campfire app , which allows you to search for other players and participate in group activities in the real world, and which can now be used at the Pokémon GO Fest that takes place in Berlin.

Campfire is billed as Niantic ‘s location-based social network , as the company explained in May when it announced the app at its ‘Lightship Summit’ conference, along with other proprietary technologies such as the Lightship visual positioning system.

After testing its beta phase with some Ingress players, the company has made it available to Pokémon Go trainers in Germany, on the occasion of the Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin. Niantic ‘s intention is to bring it to players in other regions in the coming months, as reported in a statement.

The application complements the developer’s video games, which are linked in it so that users can find communities of players in the vicinity, to meet new people and to participate in events in the real world.

As it happens in the most popular social networks, Campfire also allows you to start conversations with your contacts (to one in particular or to a group) and share photos, links of events and the location, for example, to participate in a Pokémon Go raid.

With this social application, the company wants to “encourage contact in the real world” among its players, with a “new approach to enjoying the gaming experience, with meetups and events.”

Niantic in difficult times

Niantic makes this launch in the midst of problems. Bloomberg indicated that the company announced the dismissal of 8% of its staff and the cancellation of four games, including one of Transformers.