The name of George R. Robertson may not be so well known, but his face is immediately recognizable by all Police Academy fans .


the Canadian actor, originally from Ontario, was in fact the face of Commissioner Henry Hurst in the first six installments of the franchise, from the 1984 original to 1989 ‘s Police Academy 6: City Under Siege. He also reprized the role in an episode of the film-inspired series, which aired from 1997-1998 and lasted only one week. season.

Robertson died on January 29 at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto at the age of 89. There are currently no details on the cause of his death. The actor had continued to work sporadically until 2017.

While his most celebrated role is arguably the Police Academy franchise , over the course of a 49-year career, George R. Robertson has appeared in numerous films and TV series. His debut came in 1968, with a role in Roman Polanski ‘s Rosemary ‘s Baby . We also remember him in Airport , Norma Rae and JFK – A case still open . And also in the films Double deception and Crime in the White House , and in the series ENG – Direct drive and September 11 – Tragedy announced , where he played the American vice-president Dick Cheney.