Pope Francis stars in an image generated by an AI that has gone viral

Versions of Pope Francis generated by Midjourney have circulated on social media.

An image of Pope Francis wearing a white thermal jacket has gone viral.

The funny thing is that this image is not real and was generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The stylish pope generated by an AI

The image was apparently generated by the artificial intelligence Midjourney and was shared on Reddit , within an AI enthusiast forum .

It was then shared on social media . Many users knew its provenance, while others thought it was real, highlighting the “style” of Pope Francis

The original post shows the four alternatives created by Midjourney . These reveal the limitations that still plague the imager.

Details like the hands, the chain and the glasses of Pope Francis look unreal or badly generated.

Another couple of images spawned a character that doesn’t look that much like Pope Francis.