Power at the service of the planet: Google Earth Engine will be used by companies to measure their environmental impact

Google wants to help companies that have climate goals with tools to analyze the impact of their activities on the environment . 


More and more companies are setting climate goals and need tools to help them understand data about their energy use and whether they are meeting their goals.

This week at the first -ever Sustainability Summit , Google Cloud  unveiled a set of tools designed to form a kind of sustainability platform for companies and governments to set goals, compare their data, visualize and understand how their projects are doing. of sustainability.

Jenn Bennett, technical director of sustainability in the office of the CTO at Google Cloud , says that sustainability is such a big problem that the company wants to give customers the tools to help them understand their current state and solve some problems right away.

Google Earth Engine

“If I look at a lot of the things that are happening at Google, I might see something like sustainability as a whole. It can involve your food. It’s in their coffee shops. It is your energy within your data centers. It’s your supply chain and all of your Scope 3 emissions, and yet all of these things actually interrelate as a complex ecosystem,” Bennett said.

Google ‘s new tools include a new version of Google Earth Engine  aimed at business customers, a tool previously only available to scientists and NGOs.

This new version gives companies access to sophisticated data with the goal of creating high-level visualizations that can show the impact of your company’s use of raw materials in a particular area and how that impacts the entire planet.

Rebecca Moore, who heads Google ‘s geospatial initiatives , says this ability to harness data coming in from satellites can give companies real-time insights into their environmental impact .