“Powerbank for homes”: General Motors wants electric cars to be a source of energy in homes

General Motors and PG&E are developing the technology to enable electric vehicles to become power sources for homes. 


General Motors and Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced that they will collaborate on a “revolutionary” project. The two big companies have partnered to create a pilot electric car that will serve as on-demand power sources for homes in PG&E’s service area.

The companies will test two-way charging technology capable of safely powering the essential needs of a properly equipped home. 

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and play an important role in greenhouse gas emission reduction targets . 

The future of EVs

The tests will take place in California , a state where families often experience sudden power outages in the summer. The prototype includes the use of  bidirectional hardware along with software-defined communication protocols that will allow power to flow from a charged EV to the customer’s home.

“We’re really excited about this groundbreaking collaboration with GM. Imagine a future where everyone drives an electric vehicle, and where that EV serves as a backup power option in the home, ” GM said.

According to General Motors, by 2025, the company will have more than a million electric vehicles across the United States to meet growing demand.