Prime Video gets its biggest redesign to date – here’s what’s changing in the app

Amazon ‘s streaming service Prime Video is changing its interface to be friendlier to its millions of subscribers.


Amazon has updated its Prime Video appwith what would be its biggest redesign to date, changing the way we search for shows and movies.

The change is more than significant and takes into account the feedback of the millions of users who have subscribed to the platform amid strong global competition to dominate streaming .

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The first thing that we will see differently will be the cover of the service, with the menus at the top now on the left of the application and with the main productions in 90% of the screen. Now the distribution maintains a bit of what Netflix has shown us to date, but also adds small advances and better animations.

Likewise, Prime Video adds a new top 10 most popular names in the app, in addition to grouping all original productions in their own category.

The featured content on the platform will also be displayed in a kind of personalized cards to offer the user more information about what is most viewed in the app.

In Store, which groups all the content that is not included in our subscription, it will show Channels or Rent to buy.

small improvements

One of the biggest changes to the user experience will be in search.

Now Prime Video shows us suggestions as we write and will also allow us to filter productions according to genre and image quality.

The Prime Video update will arrive this week for all living room devices, such as TVs, consoles or media players. For cell phones, it will come first to Android and then to iOS, although this will take a few months along with the web version.