The novels in the fantasy series The Golden Prisoner , written by Raven Kennedy , will be adapted into a series produced by Mandalay Television.


There are five novels in the series: Gild (in Italy, King Midas and the Golden Cage ) , Glint, Gleam, Glow and Gold , and they focus on the figure of King Midas , who turns everything he touches into gold.

The protagonist of The Golden Prisoner is Auren, a twenty-five year old woman who has been touched by Midas: every part of her body, apart from the whites of her eyes and her teeth, is made of gold. Midas saved her and she gave him her heart. Auren is kept locked up in a gilded cage on the top floor of the king’s castle, but she is safe. At least until a deal is made without her knowledge, and her trust in her is betrayed by the one person she thought she never would.

Her love for her is questioned and Auren is forced to wonder if the Midas she knows of her is just an illusion, and the people outside her golden cage will make her regret leaving her. .

Mandalay Television is a division of Mandalay Entertainment, the company founded by Rain Man and Flashdance producer , Peter Guber . Recently, he also produced the Amazon series I Know What You Did . Vanessa Johnston , Mandalay executive, is handling the series. The producer stated:

The story of King Midas and his golden touch is well known and loved. This version tells the story in a completely different way and delves deep beneath the myth to create a heartbreaking and inspiring saga. The world that the author has created has captured the imagination of millions of people and we are happy to adapt the rich and fantastic world that Raven Kennedy has created so vividly.