Privacy first: How to activate “Guest Mode” on your phone?

In Android there is the Guest Mode function , which is used to not provide access to photos, apps or personal information.


To do this, whoever has the phone will be as a guest on the cell phone.

The Android feature , called Guest Mode, is useful for a large number of users who lend their cell phone to their friends or family for various reasons, whether it is to send a message, enter a social network or make a call. However, sometimes there is confidential information that should not be discovered, for this, you must learn to activate the Guest Mode.

The Android system provides various options to keep the apps or photos in the gallery private. Although this system provides fingerprint lock, there is also another way to keep cell phone files anonymous, that function is to activate the Guest Mode on the smartphone.

The Guest Mode consists of opening a new account for the guest, allowing the visiting user to use the cell phone, however, they will not have the permissions to use the applications or documents. This function allows greater privacy to the owner of the phone and he will no longer have the fear that his data and personal information will be seen.


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How does Guest Mode work?

The guest will be able to browse the phone normally, as well as use the apps within the device, however, they will not have access to the information stored in said apps. In addition, the information that the invited user collects will not be stored on the device.

How to activate Guest Mode?

To activate Guest Mode you must create an account. This guide will explain step by step the process to activate the function.

  1. First of all, go to the phone settings
  2. Then go to Users and Accounts, in other models it is called System.
  3. Then go to Users.
  4. Then tap on Add Guest.
  5. Next, write a name.
  6. When the account is generated, it will be the one used by the guest when they want to use the phone.
  7. After using the account, you have to exit, to do this, you must display the Quick Settings Panel and click on the avatar

It is worth mentioning that this function is not available in all construction companies under Android , so we recommend that you check your device’s configuration carefully if you have this addition.