Public and private IP addresses What are they and how to find them in Windows?

On a PC , the IP address is the location of the technology device on an internal network.


Every PC has an IP address that represents the Internet location of the device . 

The IP address is present in the devices that maintain an Internet connection, coming to have a private IP address and a public IP address.

This guide will explain step by step how to find the private or public IP address of a PC in a simple way.

What is a public IP address?

It is made up of 3 numbers in a row of 4, these numbers are separated by dots. These codes allow the device to be recognized and to browse the Internet.

How to find a public IP address?

  • Only the following instructions should be followed:
  • First, you must enter the router interface
  • Next, look at the public IP address, which is normally visible.

What is a private IP address?

Instead, the private IP address allows devices connected to the same router to communicate with each other. For example, if a cell phone is connected to a router, it will be assigned a private IP address.

How to find a private IP address?

windows system

  • First, press the Windows + R icon.
  • A Run dialog box will open.
  • Then write the following code in the box: ipconfig.
  • Finally, a box will appear with the IPv4 address.

Another way to know the private IP address.

  • Go to Settings, then click on the Network and Internet option.
  • Then select Status from the options on the left side of the screen.
  • On the right side of the screen you will find the option Properties of the active network, just click on it.
  • Finally, within that option the private IP address will be displayed.

iOS system

  • The following steps must be performed.
  • Open the System Preferences window and click on the Network option.
  • In the Network option, select the type of connection that is being used.
  • Finally, go to the Status option in the central box, there indicate the private IP address.