Qatar 2022: Google prepares functions to know all the news of the World Cup

Through new search results, Google  will offer real-time information about the matches and the players present at the biggest football party.


The Qatar 2022 World Cup , the biggest soccer event, is just a few days away from starting and Google has confirmed that it is preparing a series of news to keep loyal fans of this sport up to date with the latest information about the event. These search results will provide details of matches, players and even include other content such as videos, interactive games and the ability to rate tournament participants.

Through a press release, the technology firm revealed that these search results specially designed for this type of mega sporting event will remain on its platform even after the World Cup ends and will be used for other important championships in the future.

Google puts on the world cup

Since fans of the “king sport” always want to be aware of the results of the multiple matches that will take place in the World Cup, Google will offer the option to follow the championship teams, by clicking on the bell located in the upper corner right to send notifications to users about the chosen selections.

Additionally, another update includes the ability to search for a specific match and view in-depth stats, graphs, and timelines. Because many of the games take place simultaneously, especially during the group stage, users will be able to pin the live match results to the “home” screen of their Android phones through the Google app or from browser search. Just touch the desired match and drag it to fix the result on any screen.

People will also be able to watch the most important moments of the matches with the daily summary videos directly in the FIFA+ search engine and from the official broadcasters. Finally, Google will provide statistics before and during the match on how the match can end so that users can see how the match is progressing according to key events such as goals or cards. In this way, a graph will be provided with the probability of victory of each team.

Other Google news for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

With the aim of deepening user interaction, Google will allow you to search for any player from the participating teams to learn more about their achievements and history. In their profiles, they can be rated based on how they are believed to perform and these ratings can even be compared with those of other athletes. The company will also provide in-game performance data and offer videos that captured each player’s best moments on the field. People will be able to subscribe to these profiles to receive notifications about new videos available.

Google is also preparing an online multiplayer video game. This consists of a small simulation of a match that is about to be played and the players must score as many goals as possible for their chosen team. The team with the highest score will be chosen as the virtual winner of the match.

Google Trends will also receive thematic updates for the soccer world cup. Since this tool reflects the searches made by users and it is almost a fact that those related to this sport will increase in the coming days, the firm has prepared special pages that include real-time rankings of the world’s players based on interest general search, maps, and embeddable graphics to relive every moment of the matches from the Search section .

These special windows will be available for the different participating countries of the event such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico . On the other hand, the Google Assistant will provide football tips or information about the different teams and, if asked about any match, result or schedule of the World Cup, an answer will be offered based on the data of the Finder.