Realme GT3: 0-100% Charge in <10 mins

Taking advantage of MWC 2023 , Realme announced the equipment with the fastest charge in the world with 240W.

In the middle of MWC 2023 , Realme announced the world’s fastest charging phone to date: the realme GT3 .

Thanks to this power, you can charge your battery from 0 to 100% in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

240W power

According to the company, the realme GT3 not only offers the fastest charging power in history, but it will be the fastest charging power in the coming years, since, with it, “the maximum power of charging possible under USB-C standards”.

The 240W charging power only needs 80 seconds to charge the realme GT3 to 20% of its full capacity. Thus, it only takes 9 minutes and 30 seconds to charge the device’s 4600mAh battery to 100%.

The new realme GT3 has a charging architecture with three chipsets to charge at the same time, resulting in an improved transfer efficiency of 98.5%: a new 12A ultra-fast charging cable provides the highest charging current, and finally, GaN dual charging technology, which includes an end-to-end GaN chipset (from the adapter to the phone). Despite having 60% more power, the 240W adapter is smaller than the 150W one.

One of the challenges for high power charging is temperature control. It is equipped with a large 6580mm2 VC liquid cooling system, which covers 61.5% of the battery and ensures efficient heat dissipation.

According to laboratory tests, its battery life is 80% after more than 1600 charge cycles with 240W, which is more than double the industry standard of 80% battery life after 800 charge cycles .

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Since its creation, the brand has stood out for democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies for all young people, and fast charging technology is no exception.

Since X7, realme was the first brand to introduce 65W at mid-range price in 2020; consequently, the GT Neo3 introduced the world’s fastest charging speed of 150W in 2022. And now, the GT3 breaks the limits with an industry-leading 240W maximum charging power, setting new limits in the technology industry. mobile.