Host of The Preston and Steve Show , director Zack Snyder shared more details on Rebel Moon , the new film he is making for Netflix after Army of the Dead .


There has always been talk of the influence of Akira Kurosawa ‘s The Seven Samurai on the plot, and the filmmaker’s summary confirms it:

The film revolves around a planet not in ours… it’s a space fantasy, so there’s no Earth, necessarily. But there is a community on one planet, an agricultural planet, and there is a bunch of bad guys from other worlds who are in the same area and need to eat, so they come to the village and ask to be fed while they are fighting the their war in that area of ​​the galaxy. Obviously they are not gracious in their requests, and the result will likely be the destruction of the village itself. The locals decide to fight, so they have to venture into the galaxy and find warriors to help them.

The premise of The Seven Samurai has had some success on the big screen: the western remake of The Magnificent Seven is famous , in turn reinterpreted in a science fiction guise by The Magnificent Seven in Space (in the original Battle Beyond the Stars ) by Jimmy T. Murakami and Roger Corman .

The protagonist is played by Sofia Boutella , while the release date is not yet available. Rumor has it that the first teaser trailer is coming soon, so we’ll see.

The synopsis

A peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruler called Balisarius . Desperate, the population sends a young woman with a mysterious past to seek out warriors from nearby planets to help the colony fight the invaders.

The cast

The cast includes Sofia Boutella , Charlie Hunnam , Djimon Hounsou , Bae Doona , Ray Fisher , Jena Malone , Staz Nair , E. Duffy , Charlotte Maggi , Sky Yang , Ed Skrein , Stuart Martin , Cary Elwes , Corey Stoll , Michiel Huisman , Alfonso Herrera , Cleopatra Coleman , Fra Fee , Rhian Rees and Anthony Hopkins .

The screenplay

Snyder wrote the script with two trusted collaborators, Shay Hatten ( Army of the Dead ) and Kurt Johnstad ( 300 ). The subject is by Snyder and Johnstad themselves .

Zack Snyder’s comment

The director hopes Rebel Moon can become a franchise:

It’s my love of science fiction and a giant adventure. My hope is that it will also become a great franchise, and a universe to build. Every corner must be painted. I have done some designs, I draw continuously and I cultivate the fertile ground for this world to be fully accomplished.


Snyder himself produces the film with his wife Deborah Snyder . The other producers are Wesley Coller , Eric Newman and Sarah Bowen .