Reddit Hides Search From r/Russia Due To Disinformation Circulation

Reddit is another of the social networks that come together to control misinformation on their platform regarding the geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia .


Reddit has banned the r/Russia subreddit from its platformto prevent the spread of misinformation, as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia does not seem to end anytime soon.

Also, the r/RussiaPolitics subreddit has also been quarantined as it was created to host discussions related to the Russian invasion .

Blocked subreddits will not appear in search results or recommendations. In addition, any user who finds a sureddit related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be shown a warning about the content, which she must acknowledge to access.

Reddit acted fast

While many users on social networks are condemning the Russian invasion on Ukrainian soil. However, the main posts on the r/Russia subreddit contain content supporting or justifying the invasion.

It also included accusations that Ukraine is spreading false information or that its soldiers are Nazis , calling for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be tried as a war criminal.

“We are clear in our policies that moderators and users may not attempt to manipulate and interfere with conversations or communities on our platform ,” a Reddit spokesperson told Mashable.