Report: Meta (Facebook) paid for a campaign to make public opinion see TikTok as a danger

If we had doubts that TikTok is threatening the reign of Meta (formerly Facebook) over social networks, an investigation by the Washington Post reveals.


The plan of the American company that involves American political consultants.

The American newspaper reviewed internal emails that reveal that Facebook paid Targeted Victory, one of the largest Republican consulting firms, for a campaign that sought to have public opinion attack TikTok .

The strategy against TikTok included publishing columns in US regional media against the social network, promoting stories blaming TikTok for dangerous trends that were actually born in Meta apps, and lobbying politicians to take action against company -owned TikTok . china ByteDance .

The message that Targeted Victory sought to push is that TikTok is a danger to children and society, especially as a “foreign app that shares data about teenagers.”

A spokesperson for Meta told the Washington Post : “We believe all platforms, including TikTok, should face a level of scrutiny consistent with their growing success.”

TikTok threatens Meta

An internal report leaked by Frances Haugen revealed that Facebook knows how TikTok wins over younger people. In this, researchers indicated that adolescents spend up to three times as much time on TikTok , compared to the use of Instagram .