Rescue | Netflix confirms action movie sequel with Chris Hemsworth

Film became the most popular of the entire original streaming catalog.

News of a sequel to “Rescue” had already surfaced a month after the film’s April 2020 release, but now Netflix has officially confirmed the sequel. In a video bringing the film’s final scene, we see that Tyler Rake, the protagonist of Chris Hemsworth, survived, and thus, the sequence will continue with a new mission.

“Rescue” became the platform’s most successful film, with 99 million homes watching it in its first month of screening. In the plot, Tyler Rake is a mercenary hired to rescue the son of an international crime boss. His mission takes him to Bangladesh to save the child (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), but a bond is formed between them, leading Rake to the path of redemption. The cast also included David Harbour, Derek Luke and Golshifteh Farahani.

Joe Russo, director of “Avengers: Ultimatum,” wrote the script for the original and continues in the sequel. He and his brother Anthony produce through AGBO. Sam Hargrave directed the first film and also returned.