There is less than a month to go until the sixth season of Rick and Morty debuts in the United States, and the first commercial, already broadcast on television, has leaked on YouTube.

An extradiegetic rumor says that “the universe as we know it has come to an end”, evidently referring to the epilogue of season 5.

when a black hole destroyed both the Rick Citadel and the Finite Central Curve , which isolated that portion of the multiverse. where Rick is the smartest person there is. We then review the Evil Morty – author of the plan – fleeing through a portal to exit the Curva, while “our” turn to an entity covered by the SPOILER sticker , perhaps the same one that was doing the off-screen narrative. Well, she’s on the pitch now, and Morty yells at her to “stop explaining.”

The sixth season will arrive on September 4 on Adult Swim , while in Italy it will be released later on Netflix (a date is not yet available). You can see the spot below the synopsis.

It’s season 6 and Rick and Morty are back! You will find them where we left them, battered and in a difficult time. Will they be able to recover and go on new adventures? Or will they be swept away by an ocean of pee? Who knows?! Pee! Family! Intrigues! A bunch of dinosaurs! More pee! Another unmissable season of your favorite series.

The official synopsis of the series

Rick Sanchez is a genius, probably the most intelligent in the whole universe, indeed in the multi-universe. Precisely for this reason, probably, Rick is also incredibly self-centered while his nephew Morty, his companion in adventures chosen by him despite him is, unlike his grandfather, naive and stupid. The improbable duo is faced in each episode with adventures out of the ordinary, between interdimensional or “simply” intergalactic journeys and alternative realities with worlds populated by mutants and clones. In Rick and Morty there is definitely no limit to the imagination!

The authors

The series was created by Dan Harmon ( Community ) and Justin Roiland ( Solar Opposi