It seems that Rick and Morty is now on the rails of a regular production: at the Adult Swim Festival it was in fact confirmed that the sixth season will arrive in 2022, one year after the fifth.

The fact that the latter came out a year after the fourth is remarkable in itself, considering the slowdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the fact that season 4 has been split in two. We do not know exactly when the sixth will be released, but fans can rest assured: they will no longer have to wait for years to see the new episodes, as had happened previously. On the other hand, Adult Swim has ordered the production of 70 episodes of the series already in 2018, precisely to ensure continuity to the processing (and to avoid long breaks between seasons).

Meanwhile, the adventures of Rick and Morty continue in parallel in other formats. We have seen them in anime version , and also in stop-motion in Lee Hardcastle shorts that cite various famous films. The fifth season, on the other hand, has just been released in Italy on Netflix .

We will keep you posted.

The official synopsis of the series

Rick Sanchez is a genius, probably the most intelligent in the whole universe, indeed in the multi-universe. Precisely for this reason, Rick is probably also incredibly self-centered while his grandson Morty, companion in adventures chosen against his will, is, unlike his grandfather, naive and stupid. The improbable duo is faced in each episode with adventures out of the ordinary, between interdimensional or “simply” intergalactic journeys and alternative realities with worlds populated by mutants and clones. In Rick and Morty there is definitely no limit to the imagination!

The authors

Rick and Morty was created byDan Harmon(Community) andJustin Roiland(Solar Opposite).