Ring will launch a mini drone that will patrol the home as a flying security camera

The “Always Home Cam” was presented by Ring during CES 2023 , where its functions dedicated to home surveillance in the absence of the user were shown.

Ring brought an interesting product to CES 2023 , this year’s edition of the world’s most important technology fair. This is “Always Home Cam” , a concept that the manufacturer of home security technology products presented at the end of 2020 and that it has finally been able to successfully capture. This device is essentially a mini drone  capable of flying inside a house to detect the presence of intruders when the user is not present.

While the device itself appears to be some sort of kitchen gadget like a smart fryer or something similar when it’s on its base, its design changes when the drone is released. To the naked eye, it appears to be a bit larger than what was shown in Ring ‘s initial demo videos, and while the design differs from any drone available on the market today, it features all of its features when in operation.

Always Home Cam, Ring’s vigilant flying drone

Ring , the Amazon -owned smart home security company , revealed that the “Always Home Cam” will always be patrolling the various rooms on a floor of the user’s home. According to what the team behind this contraption detailed, the drone will cover -ideally- the ground floor covering a series of flight paths that must be designated by the client while he himself travels holding the equipment without hiding the camera he has.

Multiple paths and individual waypoints can be set for the “Always Home Cam” so if the user wants to peek in the back door, or if they want to check whether or not they left any devices on if, for example, they left walk or travel, you can do it without having to many complications.

An eye-catching smart home security concept

The explanation of the manufacturer of this device also indicates that, in case of detecting something strange, the drone’s camera can be configured to stop in the air and rotate on its axis to explore the area in question. All of the aforementioned features will be included in the Ring mobile app when “Always Home Cam” is finally available on the market for purchase.

Although it was one of its flagship articles at CES 2023 with a first look that caught the attention of enthusiasts of this type of technology, the truth is that Ring has not yet been encouraged to reveal a launch date or window or an approximate price. . Sadly, the company isn’t ready to give this information yet, but the fact that it’s ready to show off prototypes means it should be very close to selling.