Robert Pattinson shares new details from ‘the Batman’

The Batman’ is one of the most anticipated films of 2022, and Robert Pattinson shared new details about what we can expect from his character during CinemaCon 2021.

Although the reflectors of the cinema are on films like Spider-Man: No Way HomeDune, or The Matrix 4, for being the closest to be released, 2022 also awaits us with excellent productions. One of the most anticipated is, of course, The Batman. This week, during CinemaCon 2021, Warner and DC showed a new trailer to members of the press and executives; however, its details are already circulating on the internet.

A curious thing about CinemaCon is that, although attendees are prohibited from recording presentations, there are no restrictions on talking about what they saw. For example, a few days ago, a short description was revealed about the first trailer for The Matrix 4, which also belongs to Warner. In the case of The Batman trailer, according to ComicBook, not only were utterly new scenes shown, but they also included interesting comments from Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves.

Regarding the sequences, the medium above describes that Andy Serkis could finally be seen as Alfred. In addition, they describe moments in which Batman fiercely beats criminals, in addition to using different weapons to defeat them. In other scenes, chaos reigns in Gotham City, clearly dominated by a dark atmosphere. In the first trailer of The Batman, we could already see that Bruce Wayne will not touch his heart with his opponents. On this subject, Robert Pattinson said that his character is “venting his anger.”

The above is important because it anticipates a version of Batman that, perhaps, is taking out his difficulties through the bat suit. Pattinson himself assures that this variant of Batman is very different from what we have seen in other adaptations. Those differences will also be reflected in the setting, according to Matt Reeves. The director had already mentioned before that he intended to capture a city submerged in corruption.