RTX 2050 is coming to laptops in 2022

They will equip options focused on light gaming and productivity.


NVIDIA continues to fight chip shortages and has decided to launch more affordable options for light gaming and laptop work.

The US company announced the new RTX 2050 , MX570 and MX550 mobile GPU models .

GeForce RTX 2050

The laptop line has a new member. The RTX 2050 includes RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and NVIDIA Encoder.

This means that it will provide options such as Ray Tracing, DLSS, Reflex and Broadcast, typical of the last generations of NVIDIA.

GeForce MX570 and GeForce MX550

The MX570 is intended for photo and video editing, but it is also suitable for video games, although it is not its main focus.

Something similar happens with the GeForce MX550 , which is the evolution of the MX450. In this case, NVIDIA indicates that it will have better gaming capabilities than integrated graphics.

Just in 2022

The first laptops with these graphics chips will hit the market in Fall 2022 (Northern Hemisphere Spring).