Journalist and film critic Jeff Sneider reports that DC was working on a new Batman film starring Michael Keaton , spin-off of The Flash .


Apparently, Christina Hodson ( Bumblebee, Birds of Prey ) was working on the script. It’s unclear how far the project was being worked on, but according to Sneider, who is a usually reliable source, DC Studios would have now canceled it.

Which would be consistent with what happened recently with Wonder Woman 3 , which was halted after director Patty Jenkinshad delivered unwelcome treatment from the new presidents of DC Studios, James Gunn and Peter Safran .

Following Sneider’s claims, The Wrap ‘s Umberto Gonzalez took to Twitter to reveal that the project with Keaton would be a Batman Beyond film . As fans will know, in the animated series an elderly Bruce Wayne trains a new Batman, who takes his place.

This brings us to two projects in which Keaton was supposed to reprise the role of Batman that have now been cancelled. The first is obviously Batgirl , canceled after filming was completed after the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. It just seems like plans to make Keaton into the DCU’s new Batman have been shelved by the new management.

In general, there is an air of spring cleaning in the DC house. Gunn and Safran are evidently aware that they will have to make unpopular decisions to get the troubled cinematic universe back on track. For now there are no details on the long-term plan after The Flash , but HERE we tried to put some order on the future of DC.