Russia approves ignoring copyright with “parallel imports”

Russia decided not to defend intellectual property coming from “enemy countries”


Russia ‘s invasion of Ukraine in February has caused many companies to decide to close or suspend their operations in the country presided over by Vladimir Putin .

Both electronics brands ( Samsung , Apple ) and software ( Adobe ) and entertainment providers ( Netflix , Playstation ) have decided not to work in Russia .

This retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine further isolates Russian citizens from the world.

The Russian solution: go against copyright

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has recently approved “parallel imports”.

Based on this framework, users will be able to acquire intellectual property from “enemy countries” including the European Union , the United States , Japan , South Korea , the United Kingdom , and Australia .

Russia thus disclaims responsibility for acting against copyright violations involving intellectual property originating from these countries.

It’s not just shows or video games. “Parallel imports” include “invention, utility model, industrial design rights in relation to computer programs, databases, and integrated circuit topologies.”