Russia Blocks Connections to Facebook Across the Country, and Meta Announces Changes

The Russian Internet regulator has announced that Facebook is no longer available in that country, due to the actions of Mark Zuckerberg’s company on local media after the invasion of Ukraine .

Russia’s Internet regulator Roskomnadzor ordered this Friday to block Facebook  in the country on the grounds that the social network “discriminates” against Russian media. “The decision was made to block access to Facebook ,” Roskomnadzor reported on Telegram. AFP journalists in Russia confirmed that the social network no longer worked over the Internet network.

According to reports, the blockades began during the early hours of March 4, after a series of threats against information channels such as Radio Free Europe and other media cited by the regulatory body in a statement shared on Telegram.

In the statement, Roskomnadzor announced the restriction of access to a number of information resources, including the BBC, DW, Voice of America and the foreign media agency Radio Liberty.

“The reason for restricting access to these information resources on the territory of the Russian Federation was the deliberate placement on a systematic basis of information materials containing false information about the essence of a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, its form , methods of conducting combat operations (attacks on civilians, attacks on infrastructure of civilian objects), quantitative losses of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and casualties among the civilian population” , the entity points out.