Samsung already has in development a camera sensor “similar to the human eye”

Samsung prepares the arrival of its new ISOCELL GWB sensor for the 2022 phones.

The photograph remains one of the fundamental pillars for the business strategy of builders phone brands , each year, the combination of megapixels, parts and image processors proposes new frontiers in this section. Samsung is one of the companies with the highest level of research and development for lens systems included in various equipment, and its new ISOCELL aims to be one of the first to have “human eye sight”.

In a webinar held on December 6, Samsung showed a preview of its first ISOCELL GWB sensor ‘similar to a human eye’ and with RGBW color filter support. The new system was developed in partnership with Tecno, a China-based mobile phone manufacturer.

The announcement is complemented by the arrival of this sensor to the phones built by the Chinese firm during 2022, but with the possibility of reaching other brands during the year.

Samsung ISOCELL GWB: the details

For those less concerned about phone components, ISOCELL is the line of photographic sensors developed by Samsung itself for the mobile market, just as the Displays division offers panels to different brands.

In this case, we are talking about a 64 MP sensor with RGBW color arrangement, an additional white pixel to improve sensitivity in low light environments. Although it is not the first brand to bet on pixel arrangements beyond the traditional “red, green and blue”. In this case we see a greater dedication to color balance.

While there are few details about the performance of this new sensor, it is most likely that we will not see it in the new line of Samsung Galaxy smartphones for the expected UNPACKED of 2022.