Samsung and Google are shaping up to be a real threat to Apple Watch

The Galaxy Watch4 have marked a great start for collaboration between Samsung and Google on smart watch .

Collaboration between Google and Samsung in Wear OS and is shown as a threat to the Watch OS from Apple .

Counterpoint Research shows that Wear OS is the second operating system for smartwatches, positioning itself very well against Apple’s proposal.

According to company data, the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS has done the Google ecosystem very good .

While Watch OS remains on top with 22% of shipments in Q3 2021, Wear OS achieved 17%.

The alliance between Google and Samsung in this area not only included a change of platform, both companies collaborated to fix the biggest problems of Wear OS .

“Google has maintained a dominant position in the market for cell phones with Android OS , but so far it has not achieved much in the market for wearables . This is because Google prevented smartwach manufacturers from customizing the user interface, in addition to not offering good energy efficiency and having a slow response time, “said Sujeong Lim, analyst at Counterpoint Research .

Keep atomized

Other brands have their own operating systems. Among them, Amazfit OS , Fitbit OS and Lite OS stand out.

Aside from Apple and Samsung , companies like Amazfit , imoo , Huawei, and Garmin are among the top smartwatch manufacturers.