Samsung Electronics names its first female president for one of its branches

Lee Young-hee is responsible for some of Samsung ‘s biggest brands like Galaxy.


Tech giant Samsung Electronics appointed a female president to one of its branches on Monday, marking the first time the South Korean conglomerate has elected a woman to this senior position.

Lee Young-hee was promoted to president of the global marketing area of ​​the mobile technology branch, focused on user experience, thus becoming the first woman from outside the founding family to hold this position within the company.

Lee Boo-jin, the daughter of the late Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee, currently holds the position of President and CEO of the luxury hotel and retail chain Hotel Shilla, a subsidiary of Samsung .

rising woman

Lee, who joined the company in 2007 after being part of the French cosmetics company L’Oreal, has held the position of vice president of marketing since 2012, and is responsible for the brand image of some of the flagship products of Samsung , like their Galaxy phones.

This appointment is part of a small corporate reorganization that is joined by six other president appointments and seeks, according to the company, to encourage the rest of the women in the company to aspire to higher positions.

Samsung is the biggest “chaebol” in South Korea, a name given in Korean to large conglomerates whose parent and subsidiaries are controlled by family clans.

These groups are often criticized for their ownership and control structure, as well as “circular ownership”, through which three or more companies establish a cross-investment framework among their shareholders.

This theoretically strengthens the control of the founding family clans of these business groups, minimizes the real influence of boards of directors and shareholders, and increases the face value of the groups without any capital actually changing hands. EFE