Samsung Galaxy Z 2023: this we know about the fifth generation of folding Flip and Fold

It is estimated that Samsung will present its new generation of folding Z Flip and Z Fold in August 2023.


Competition in the foldable phone market has gotten interesting, and Samsung knows it.

 The leader of the freshest sector in the mobile world is preparing the fifth generation of its Z range , which includes the iconic Flip and Fold , and it seems that it has decided to respond with substantial changes to the new proposals in the sector, in which Oppo and Honor have stood out. .

A 9to5Google report compiles part of the rumors associated with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5, teams that have usually been presented in August for 3 years. What is taken for granted is the processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy will be included in these new devices, since there are no details of the new 8+ version and certain rumors that Qualcomm is considering announcing the renewal to Gen 3 in October.

The most attractive of the reports are the changes at the hardware level, especially in the Flip5. After what was presented by Oppo and its N2 Flip , the fifth version of Samsung’s “toad” would include a larger external screen that would reach 3.4 inches to exceed the 3.26 of the external panel on the Chinese brand’s smartphone. announced for the international market during MWC 2023. According to Ice Universe, this external display could be a bit more “square” and would take up much of the main lid space.

What changes will the Samsung Galaxy Fold5 have?

To begin with, the Fold5 has already been maintaining a design for two generations; this because it reached a rapid level of maturity in the second version of 2020. After two similar generations, Samsung could already have room for maneuver in front of the evolutions in Xiaomi with the Mix Fold2, the Oppo Find N2 and the Honor Magic Vs .

The first jumping rumor is that of the continuity of the camera module, since Samsung would not be interested in adding the 200MP HP3 sensor worked for the S23 Ultra, but a 108 MP one. Note that, due to the focus more associated with productivity, the Fold uses smaller sensors than those added to the more expensive Galaxy S, although without neglecting the quality of photos and video.

The most radical change in both Samsung foldables, according to The Elec, would focus on the hinge, since they would be testing the “water drop” scheme that we have seen in Chinese foldables in recent years. In this system, the fold of the closed screen is housed inside the hinge and not on the screen, causing that curve to form a “drop of water” on the elbow of the device. With this, the fold of the panel could be hidden better, although the protection of the device against dust and water that Samsung already offers from previous generations is reduced.

Lastly, Samsung would consider including the S-Pen housing in the chassis and turning the Fold5 into an efficient note machine without the need to carry the Samsung stylus elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Flip5 and Fold5: when are they presented

Samsung’s 2023 foldable presentation event should take place between the first and second week of August in New York City, as the South Korean firm usually does for its half-year UNPACKED. In the same event, the renewal of the Galaxy Tab to the S9 version is expected , after a year and a half of announcement, the Galaxy Watch 6 and, if possible, the third generation of Buds after the arrival of the Buds2 Pro in August 2022 .

With this, the roadmap of the Samsung ecosystem is becoming clear: the tablets are renewed every year and a half, the watches every year, the folding ones every year in the second UNPACKED and the S saga in the first Samsung event of the year. The Buds intersperse an annual presence between the standard model and the Pro, so we assume that a renewal is already falling for the Buds3 and, in 2024, the Buds3 Pro.