Samsung prepares a new UNPACKED: what awaits us and how to see it live

Samsung is preparing an UNPACKED event in San Francisco, and NIUSGEEK is already in that city to bring you details of this announcement.


Samsung does not want to lose leadership in the global mobile sector , and the competition does not intend to give it a rest.

Aware of this increasingly threatening situation, the South Korean firm is preparing an UNPACKED that aims to cement that supremacy in the telephony segment, and NIUSGEEK is already in San Francisco to bring details.

This UNPACKED could be the first full-scale face-to-face event since, in 2020, Samsung presented the S20 line in the same American city – the first to match the nomenclature based on the year, after the S10 in 2019 – and show the birth from the Z Flip line. After the pandemic, the brand opted for remote broadcasts and, until August 2022, a hybrid model in which journalists go to a venue to watch the same broadcast that the rest of the planet sees on official channels.

In general, UNPACKED events dedicated to telephony are held twice a year: one to present the Galaxy S range – it is usually San Francisco since 2019, after taking advantage of MWC 2018 in Barcelona for the S9 and New York for the S8 -, and another in New York for the Z Fold and Z Flip foldables from 2022, replacing the announcement of the extinct Galaxy Note line in half a year.

Samsung UNPACKED 2023: what to expect

There are few surprises that we can expect. To begin with, the renewal of the Galaxy S series with three new products is taken for granted, definitively ruling out the presence of an FE version. These three phones would carry Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, introduced at the end of the year . However, various rumors suggest that the Californian firm developed a special version for the S23. This, if confirmed during UNPACKED; it would put Samsung at the top of the performance.

After hitting the formula of unifying the S Ultra model on duty with the advantages of the Note line, Samsung could repeat the strategy with the more expensive S23 by adding the S-Pen. The other “traditional” models S23 and S23+ would not suffer major changes.

Samsung UNPACKED 2023: will there be more things besides phones?

Since 2020, Samsung announces its peripherals in the second UNPACKED of the year, coinciding with the foldable ones. In 2022, for example, the new Galaxy Z arrived with the Galaxy Watch5 and the Galaxy Buds2 Pro . It would be very rare to see a new version of TWS or watches in this February session.

Regarding tablets, these teams usually have a renewal rate every year and a half, with the Tab S8 being the latest edition presented in the first UNPACKED of 2022 , along with the S22. Prior to that launch, the Tab S7 and S7+ hit the market in mid-2020, accompanying the Note 20 Ultra. Unlikely to be announced in this UNPACKED.

Samsung’s audiovisual section has already been presented at CES 2023, a technological event held in Las Vegas on the first days of January. Laptops? They could be, but they are devices with limited presence in international markets, and Peru is not part of that deployment. Hopefully, Samsung will change that strategy in the future, as brands like Huawei, Honor and LG have taken advantage of their concept of “ecosystem” to get into the field of Windows without problems.

Samsung UNPACKED how to watch live?

The event will take place at 10 in the morning, local San Francisco time (one in the afternoon, Peruvian time) and the designated venue is the SF Masonic Auditorium, half a block from Huntington Park.

To watch the event live and not miss the announcements, you need to turn on the broadcast reminder on Samsung’s YouTube channel. We recommend you follow us on Instagram, as Alberto Nishiyama from NIUSGEEK is already in San Francisco to bring us every detail.