Samsung presents its 200 MP camera sensor for its next high-end

According to rumors, this 200 MP lens could appear on the Galaxy S23 Ultra that Samsung is preparing for this year.


Samsung has revealed one of its upcoming flagship features: a 200 MP camera lens.

Called ISOCELL HP2 , this sensor increases light gathering capacity by 33% and can combine 4 or 16 pixels into one.

for better photos

The sensor will use a Samsung technology called Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG). This essentially doubles the number of electrons available from each photodiode, “increasing the pixel’s full well capacity by more than 33%,” the company wrote.

That means a pixel can hold more charge before it saturates, which reduces ghosting and improves color reproduction in bright conditions.

Samsung notes that the new lens is capable of binning pixels into virtual 2×2 pixels to capture photos up to 50MP in low light using the pixel binning technique . In addition, there is a second mode that allows pixel binning in 4×4 to take very good quality 12.5MP photos in low light conditions.

In videos, the technique could allow recording up to 8K at 30 FPS even at night, or being able to record at 4K at 120 FPS. At 1080, the frames per second can go up to 480.

Where will we see it?

At the moment, Samsung has not indicated which will be its first team that will carry this lens, but it is possible that it will lead the camera module of the next Galaxy S23 Ultra that will be presented on February 1 .

Recall that Samsung ‘s Galaxy S22 Ultra “only” had a 108MP sensor, with the 200MP HP1 chip used in other devices like the Motorola 30 Edge Ultra and Xiaomi 12T Pro .