Samsung remains the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer

The third quarter of 2022 maintains the podium, closed by Apple and Xiaomi .


The global mobile market grew slightly in the third quarter of 2022, maintaining the same order in terms of devices shipped.

The Counterpoint Research report indicates that 301.9 million cell phones were shipped, some 7.4 million more devices than in the second quarter of this year.

Samsung in the lead followed by Apple

Samsung remains the largest cell phone manufacturer with 64.3 million units shipped, 21% of the global market.

Apple with 49.2 million devices (16%) and Xiaomi with 40.5 million devices (13%) complete the podium.

OPPO, which includes OnePlus, (10%) and vivo (9%), both from BBK Electronics , are other top brands, while “Others” comprises 31%.

Trends and the possible rise of Apple

Despite seeing a slight increase in this quarter, a slowdown in mobile shipments is felt . These represented 40 million fewer cell phones shipped compared to the same period in 2021.

The fourth quarter of 2022 should be a rush for Apple , which has led the end of the year in past studies due to the launch of its new iPhones . However, Apple ‘s production problems in China could affect a quarter where iPhones have historically been hugely successful.