Samsung seeks to create a new processor division in the face of discontent with Exynos

Samsung is likely to compete with itself as this new division will live alongside its Exynos chips .


Samsung is thinking of creating itsmobile processor division that will try to compete in the market with its own Exynos .

The information comes from Gizmochina and notes that the company’s Mobile Experience (MX) Business has formed an application processor (AP) solution development team within the company, with big names lining up to bring this rumor to life.

Against everyone, even Exynos

This division seems to be thinking of developing its own processors in the future.

The AP is the most important component of the cellular as it handles the communication and data computation. MX Business already works with Qualcomm and Mediatek, but also with Samsung System LSI, those in charge of developing the Exynos chips , which have been widely criticized for their inferior performance compared to other chips on the market.

Case in point,  Samsung  is now opting to use only Qualcomm’s Snapdragon for the Galaxy S23 . On the contrary, hotspots used on iPhones have been shown to work better than Galaxy phones. This is because Apple uses its own A series of chips that it designs on its own.


For this new division, it is expected to be led by Samsung Executive Vice President Choi Won-joon, who also took over the leadership of MX Development during the company’s recent annual reorganization.

The executive previously worked at Qualcomm, so his experience in chips remains. In addition, in his early years at Samsung he led the flagship product research and development team, as well as the technology strategy team.

At the moment, Samsung has not spoken about it, so it will be a matter of time to know if it becomes a reality or not.