Samsung shows off its 200MP sensor with a giant photo of a cat

The photo covers 616 square meters to show all the details captured by the ISOCELL sensor .


Samsung decided to show off the power of its 200-megapixel mobile sensor with something you can’t miss: a cute kitty.

A new Samsung campaign shows how he managed to take a photo of a cat that was later displayed in a 28-meter-long, 22-meter-high gigantograph in, we assume, Seoul.

Why a cat?

“Choosing a cat as a target was a difficult decision. It gave us a lot of hurdles to capture it with a test machine. However, the team concluded that the lens should show a good level of detail and it is also a very popular lens in photos,” said Minhyuk Lee, an engineer in the Sensors team at Samsung ‘s LSI division .

The sensor is not yet on cell phones

Samsung took the photos with the 200 MP sensor using a special adapter that allows mounting a cell phone camera.