Satellite watch: Apple considers adding connection from satellites to the Apple Watch

Apple is studying ways to add satellite connectivity to future models of its Apple Watch line , according to reports.


Apple is looking for efficient variables to stay ahead of the global wearables market.

Along with the launch of the iPhone 14, scheduled for this September 7, the Apple Watch series will also have an update for 2022. However, an important additive could reach the new versions: satellite connectivity.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist from Bloomberg , Apple has been discussing internally the possibility of adding this type of connection to its series of watches, although its presence in the Watch 8 to be presented the other week is ruled out.

Apple Watch Pro with satellite connection

Rumors about the Apple Watch Pro have increased in recent weeks, although the possibility of adding a watch with superior features this year along with the Watch 8 has not been defined. Despite the lack of data, some leaks maintain that we would be facing an Apple watch with modified design.

This new line would seek to compete with watches that support brands for trekking and outdoor activity, such as Garmin. Faced with this growing market, Apple seeks to differentiate itself with a system that, in principle, allows it to add value to its proposal.

Currently, Apple Watch is compatible with eSIM systems, a digital chip format easily associated with this device that works independently of the smartphone. This allows the watch to have connectivity without the need to stay paired with the iPhone.

“It is not clear if Apple will actually release this type of functionality on September 7 or if the features are more advanced. But GlobalStar Inc., the long-rumored partner for Apple’s satellite push, has spent much of this year laying the groundwork for a major new initiative ,” Gurman notes in his report.

Satellite Internet on the iPhone

For Gurman, the title of the event is not a coincidence. The motto “Far out” accompanies this year’s invitation to Apple Park on September 7, but the phrase could contain some mystery, as has happened on other occasions.

“On the one hand, the space theme could be a reference to satellites,” the report adds. “Over a year ago, I first reported that Apple plans to add significant satellite capabilities to its devices, including an emergency text messaging feature and a mechanism for reporting major incidents in places without cell service.”

This function, called “Emergency Satellite Message” within Apple, would allow users to send SOS messages to rescue systems and first responders in areas without network connection.

That’s where GlobalStar comes in to carve. This company, developer of SPOT , specializes in global alert systems that can help rescue teams in locating and helping mountaineers or hikers who require immediate help. This service works in coordination with relief agencies anywhere in the world.

There is no confirmation of these features, but we will know all the details during the announcement on September 7 from Apple Park.