Saudi Arabia to invest $1 billion per year to discover ‘cure’ for aging

Saudi Arabia believes that its population is aging at a rapid rate.


The kingdom of Saudi Arabia  wants to invest more than a billion dollars annually to discover an anti- aging treatment .

The country’s royal family has started a non-profit organization called the Hevolution Foundation that will invest in research into “the biology of aging ” to find the quest for good health.

“The useful life”

This information comes from the MIT Technology Review , who points out that, despite not being official yet, there have already been these meetings between royalty and researchers.

According to the report, Saudi Arabia wants to extend the “lifespan” of Saudis, a concept that refers to the years in which people can work and raise families.

The large sum, which dwarfs US spending on aging research, could make the Gulf state the largest single sponsor of researchers trying to understand the underlying causes of aging and how it can be slowed down with drugs. But research organizations considering accepting money from Saudi Arabia will be forced to grapple with the specter of its human rights record.

They are not the only ones

The same medium has also previously reported on the initiative of billionaires such as Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner who have come together to finance a startup that investigates how to reverse the aging of people in search of “eternal life “.

This company, Altos Labs, wants to study cell reprogramming: adding special proteins to a cell so that it reaches a state similar to that of an embryonic cell.