Save your Hotmail emails: Microsoft will delete inactive accounts from August 31, how to avoid it?

From this August 31Microsoft will begin the massive closure of Hotmail, Live accounts. Outlook and MSN have not shown activity in the last couple of years.

Microsoft is preparing for a “cleanup” of its inactive user base on Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook, and other services that have not shown activity in the last couple of years. This process, complemented by the reduction of free storage to 15GB per account, will begin on August 31. Tomorrow.

report from Microsoft issued in July 2019 he realized that adjustment in free accounts and affects versions that have had no activity in the last two years, by the provisions:

“Under the MSA (Microsoft Services Agreement), you must use your Microsoft account to keep it ‘active’. Microsoft reserves the right to close all ‘inactive’ Microsoft accounts. Except as noted below, you must sign in to your Microsoft account at least once in a two-year period to keep your account active. If you do not log in during this time, Microsoft will consider your account to be inactive. “

Hotmail: how to prevent my account from being deleted

Now, if you have used your Microsoft account to access services of the brand – Office, Skype, OneDrive, or others – during these last two years, there will be no problems with your account. Additionally, Microsoft believes that some inactive accounts may keep the information intact due to the following conditions:

Shopping. If you have used your Microsoft account to purchase, redeem, or access a current Microsoft product or service. Does not include gift cards.

Active Subscriptions. After subscription expiration or termination, you must log in to your Microsoft account at least once in two years to keep your account active.

Publish to Microsoft Store. Suppose you have used a Microsoft account to post applications or games (including game DLCs) to the Microsoft Store or sign up for a Microsoft Partner Center account. In that case, your Microsoft account will remain active, and Microsoft will not close your account due to inactivity.

Certifications. If you earn a Microsoft certification using your Microsoft account, it will remain active.

Account balance. If you have an unused gift card in your credit, the account will remain open, as long as the laws of your country do not consider it “unclaimed property.”

Debts to pay. If there is an amount owed to Microsoft, the account will remain active.

Family accounts. Suppose your inactive account is linked to that of a minor. In that case, this will prevent it from being closed, at least until the minor’s history is also considered inactive or the minor reaches the age of majority.

We recommend that you log into your Microsoft account to review the conditions of activity. Enter now if you want to keep your email active.