Scarlett Johansson and Disney reach agreement and lawsuit for breach of contract with Black Widow is closed

With the end of the imbroglio between the actress and the studio, the production of the next fruit of the partnership, the movie “Torre do Terror”, can finally begin.

After nearly two months, the suit brought by Scarlett Johansson against Disney for breach of contract in relation to the release of “ Black Widow ” finally generated an agreement between the parties. According to Deadline , the terms reach more than $40 million.

Johansson celebrated the end of the imbroglio and recalled his work with the studio, which has lasted more than a decade:

“I am happy to have resolved our differences with Disney. I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done together over the years and have immensely enjoyed my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to continuing this collaboration for years to come.”

The president of Disney Studios, Alan Bergman, also spoke, talking about the future of the partnership with the actress, the long “ Tower of Terror ”, inspired by the attraction of the brand’s amusement parks.:

“I am pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with Scarlett Johansson regarding ‘Black Widow.’ We appreciate her contribution to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and look forward to working together on a number of future projects, including Disney’s ‘Tower of Terror’.”

The lawsuit was initially filed at the end of July, with Johansson claiming Disney’s breach of contract due to the release of the Marvel film simultaneously in theaters and in streaming Disney Plus, through the Premier Access tool. According to the lawsuit, the strategy was not provided for in the actress’s contract, and prevented the film from reaching its true box office potential.

When the theaters ended, the film grossed more than $378 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo ), in addition to more than $125 million through Premier Access.

“Black Widow” is now available, at no additional cost, to Disney Plus subscribers.