Scream 6 is just over two weeks away , and Paramount Pictures International continues to unveil new spots.


The most interesting aspect of this promo is a sentence from Kirby ( Hayden Panettiere ), who will return after playing an important role in the fourth chapter. “It’s like Ghostface is counting down to something,” the girl says, and Detective Bailey ( Dermot Mulroney ) replies, “What happens when it gets to one?”

As we know, this sequel moves the action to New York City, and the metropolitan context will change some dynamics of the saga: for example, Ghostface will have no problem killing his victims in a crowd, including the subway. He will also wear a visibly ruined mask, justified by the metafictional nature of the film (but it is not clear how). In any case, Sam Carpenter ( Melissa Barrera ), Tara Carpenter ( Jenna Ortega ) and the other survivors of the previous massacre have moved to the Big Apple to study: in recent days we have seen the posters dedicated to them .

The release of Scream 6 is also expected in 3D: it will arrive in Italy on March 9 , distributed by Eagle Pictures . You can see the spot below.

The cast of Scream 6

The cast includes Courteney Cox ( Gale Weathers ), Melissa Barrera ( Sam Carpenter ), Jenna Ortega ( Tara Carpenter ), Mason Gooding ( Chad Meeks-Martin ), Jasmin Savoy Brown ( Mindy Meeks-Martin ), Hayden Panettiere ( Kirby Reed ), Dermot Mulroney ( Detective Bailey ), Jack Champion , Liana Liberato , Devyn Nekoda , Josh Segarra , Henry Czerny ,Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori .

The screenplay

The screenplay is again by James Vanderbilt ( Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man ) and Guy Busick ( Till death do us part, Castle Rock ).

Scream in the cinema and on TV

The saga has so far five cinematic chapters released in theaters: the first four were directed by Wes Craven , while the screenplays are almost all by Kevin Williamson (the creator of Dawson’s Creek ), apart from the third film, written by Ehren Kruger . The fifth chapter was instead directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett , who returned for the sixth.

The franchise transitioned to the small screen in 2015, in an MTV series that ran for two seasons. A third season – actually unrelated to the previous two – aired in 2019 on VH1.