We have known for some time that Hayden Panettiere will return in Scream 6 (unofficial title), where he will reprise the role of Kirby Reed .


The latter, one of the main characters of Scream 4 , was the best friend of Jill Roberts , false protagonist and Ghostface of that film.

Kirby survived the massacre, as revealed in the latest chapter of the saga.

Well, Hayden Panettiere is portrayed in the make-up room in a photo published on the franchise’s twitter profile, together with her colleague Jasmin Savoy (visible in the box at the top left).

The image was published through the BeReal app, which allows you to take a photo of yourself and the place where you are during a two-minute time window, randomly assigned by the app itself. The aim is to share photos that are not prepared, and therefore – in theory – more authentic.

Kirby was supposed to be back in this year’s film, but the production failed to make it happen. On the other hand, she appeared in a thumbnail on Richie Kirsch ‘s computer , where it is seen that she gave an interview to Bloody Disgusting in 2018 (and this, in fact, confirms that she survived).

The first logline says that the story “will continue with the four survivors of the Ghostface murders leaving Woodsboro behind and starting a new chapter in their lives . ” The latest rumors claim that the sequel will take place in New York City: if confirmed, it would be a big change for the saga. So far, the only chapters set beyond the Woodsboro borders have been the second (at Windsor College in Ohio) and the third (in Hollywood).

Processing is underway in Canada, while the release is expected on March 31, 2023 . You can see the photo below.

Hayden Panettiere backstage on Scream 6

The cast

Cast includes Courteney Cox ( Gale Weathers ), Melissa Barrera ( Sam Carpenter , Jenna Ortega ( Tara Carpenter ), Mason Gooding ( Chad Meeks-Martin ), Jasmin Savoy Brown ( Mindy Meeks-Martin ), Hayden Panettiere ( Kirby Reed ), Dermot Mulroney , Jack Champion , Liana Liberato , Devyn Nekoda , Josh Segarra , Henry Czerny , Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori.

The screenplay

The script is again the work of James Vanderbilt ( Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man ) and Guy Busick ( Till Death Do Us Part, Castle Rock ).

Scream in cinema and on TV

The saga so far has five cinematic chapters: the first four were directed by Wes Craven , while the scripts are almost all by Kevin Williamson (the creator of Dawson’s Creek ), apart from the third film, written by Ehren Kruger instead . The fifth chapter was instead directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett .

The franchise moved to the small screen in 2015, in an MTV series that lasted two seasons. A third season – actually unrelated to the previous two – aired in 2019 on VH1.