We do not know if we will see a new trailer for Scream.


Also because Paramount Pictures does not want to reveal too much, but in the meantime the promotional campaign continues to the sound of posters.

The new poster was created by the specialist Creepy Duck Design (like that of Dolby Cinema ), and evokes the graphics of the eighties horror: the figure of Ghostface “melts” in a cascade of blood, while the full moon stands out in the sky . The tagline is always the same: “It’s always someone you know” .

As we know, this incarnation of the killer will target a group of Woodsboro teenagers, all related to the characters from the first film. Sidney will then return to work with Gale and Dewey to stop him. Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (the same as Till Death Do Us Part ) have declared that the sequel is a love letter to the original , and that the first trailer is full of red herrings : it will therefore be interesting to find out what they have prepared.

The American release of Scream is expected for January 14, 2022 , while the Italian one is not yet available; However, it is known that Eagle Pictures will handle the distribution. You will find the poster below, while here and here you can see the commercials of the past weeks.

The poster